Drilling for passion

The excellence in the drilling technology since 1992

BCM Srl was founded in 1992 by Mr. Carlo Besana with the aim of manufacturing machine tools for the industry. Our company is headquartered in the Milano area, in northern Italy.

During the years, thanking to the priceless value of the experience gained by our founder in the field of gundrill machines, BCM specialized in the design and manufacturing of innovative deep drilling and milling machines, with a commitment to represent the excellence in the deep drilling technology.

Traditionally our machines are designed mainly for moldmakers and die industries, intended to provide precise cooling channels to ensure a proper and efficient cooling of the molds. This is the field in which we gained the major experience and achieved the best results.
However, recently our internal design team has focused its efforts to accomplish customers operating in other industrial segments, allowing BCM to offer machines to a wider range of application fields including automotive, tooling, medical and other.

We continue our mission every day, providing a complete range of standard and custom-tailored deep hole drilling machines.
Our range includes basically 6 models but we are ready to support any special request needful of specially-engineered solutions and technologies, even coming from the most demanding companies, no matter how tough the solution could be.

When you’re looking for the most reliable partner in deep drilling technology,
look no further than BCM.


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